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Can Retro OSX Backup ASIP Servers?

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Dear Dantz Customer,




Some customers have reported problems when backing up AppleShare IP servers


with both Retrospect 4.3 and 5.0.




There is one problem reported with Retrospect 5.0 running on an ASIP server,


where Retrospect is definitely not the cause:




The ASIP server crashes when Retrospect 5.0 autolaunches or is


launched from an alias.




We have identified this to be a problem between Mac OS 9 and the ASIP


software that may occur when any Carbon-style application is launched from


an alias. We have duplicated this behavior using other Carbon applications,


and we have reported the issue to Apple.




Other reported problems currently under investigation include:




Retrospect 4.3 running on an ASIP server asserts failure or


hangs during the backup's copy phase.




The ASIP server locks up when the first user logs in following


a backup of the server with the Retrospect 4.3 client.




The ASIP server crashes at the beginning of a backup with the


Retrospect 5.0 client.




Retrospect returns "error 1 (unknown)" for some files backed


up from an ASIP server with the Retrospect 5.0 client.




Due to the complexity of the AppleShare IP software and the difficulty in


reliably reproducing these behaviors in a controlled environment, Dantz has


been unable to establish that Retrospect is the cause of these problems. As


such, we have opened a developer support case with Apple to determine the


root cause of these issues.




We consider this to be a matter of the highest priority, and we will provide


additional information on these issues as soon as we have anything


significant to report.




Thank you




Dantz Technical Support





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