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file versions are piling up

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I'm working with very large graphics files every day.


Often times I open and close several large files and make small changes.


Retrospect will of course see that and back them up again.


The backup set is getting very large very quick.


I may have 10 or 20 versions of a 500 Meg file, which I don't want


to keep or only keep temporarily.




What would be a good backup strategy in that scenario?




When such a graphics project is finished I need to be able to purge all the older versions.


Or there needs to be a setting where I can tell Retrospect to only keep a


maximum number of versions and dump the oldest ones.


There are certainly ways to manually exclude files from a backup -


but I'm looking for a solution that is automatic and foolproof and not


bound to human error.


Any suggestions?


thanks a lot.



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You can either dump all versions or keep the latest. Retrospect cannot say "only remove XY and Z" from the media and keep the rest. Although it's a great suggestion!




A good setup is to have a MWF tape and a T/R tape. Recycling. Although you wouldn't have older versions if you do recycle. There is no easy answer in your situation.

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I am sorry....


MWF = Monday/Wednesday/Friday backupset


T/R = Tuesday/Thursday backupset.




You can use file backupsets (which is what you use to backup your hard drive) for what is suggested. Yes.




That would mean you would have TWO different file backupsets on your destination hard drive. You would alternate between the two.



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