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Can't Install 4.3 Express

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Have an old iMac running 9.2. Have tried installing 4.3. Have the package with the license code. Type in the name, company and license code from the package, but the "OK" button is greyed and only the "Quit" button is active.


I've tried to find a way to get Retrospect Tech Support help, but the only option I can find is one that costs. Doesn't make sense to pay to install a program that was paid for.


Anyone have any ideas?



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The odd thing is that the computer owner had been using an earlier version of Retrospect Express (3.x), but when I attempted to reinstall it, the same thing happened. I used the license code on the package (as I did with 4.3) with the same result.


Not sure about Appleshare IP and will check. But there has been no change in the computer's set-up or status so I'm thinking, if it worked before, how come it's not working now.


As a temporary solution, I've installed my version 5.0 so they can make a backup. They're going to have to buy a new program anyway, since they're finally upgrading to 10.3.9--from 9.6!


Thanks for your help.



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