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Incremental Appleshare Backup Selector update

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I thought I should update people on my experiences with the work around for the Appleshare Incremental backup problem. I posted the following several weeks ago as the work around I was using (based on a recommendation by our moderator).




>What I have done for incremental backups of our ASIP (without client), and snap servers was to create


>a selector that excludes files whose modification date is older than the backup date. You need to turn


>on the "Set File Backup Date" in the options for this to work. This way if a file is modified, then its


>modification date will be newer than the backup date, and then the file will be backed up.




It seems to work just fine, but with one small glitch. The glitch is that if you should recycle a backup set and then run the script again, it will not perform a full backup, it will just backup the files that have been modified after you recycled the backup set. You will need to create a second script (one that doesn't have a schedule) that does the full backup. After that, you are fine.









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