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Can I use a diff. CD drive than the original used

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Hi, I have been using retrospect for all my backups. I *believe* I can't use any other CD drive, other than the one I used (an external CD-R) to burn the CD's with in order to retrieve the information? I can't read any of the backup CD's when I put them in to my regular CD drive on my Wallstreet, G3 laptop running RE 4.1A. I am getting a new computer with a CD RW inside and would like to get rid of my old external drive... but can't because I need to be able to access my old backups. Any advice would be much appreaciated? How can I read my old CD backups from a new internal CD drive? (can info. be transfered onto new medium?) Is there a way to do this with a newer version of RE?




Also.. I'm getting the new G4 - 800mhz powerbook. Will RE be compatible with either using the 9.2 OS or OSX and writing to the built in CD RW that comes on that machine? or do I have to find a different backup software?

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Retrospect requires that you use your CD-R/RW drive for all backup and restore operations. Retrospect created CDs are accessed only through the Retrospect application. They do not mount on the Mac OS or Windows Explorer desktop.




"Regular" CDs are usually written with a streaming method, and then "finalized" in an ISO9660, MacOS, UDF, or audio format. What this means is that special formatting is written to a disc that "closes" the disc to prevent further writing, and allows it to be read by CD-ROM devices.




Retrospect backup discs aren't finalized, and are not written in mountable format, so they cannot be read in a CD-ROM drive which requires "finalized" discs.




You should be able to read your backup data in any supported CD-R burner.




That being said, Retrospect 4.1a is not compatible with OS 9 or higher, so it will not be compatible with your new computer. You will need to upgrade in order to run Retrospect.




Regarding the new G4, you will need to find out the make and model of the CD burner that is included in order to determine if it is currently qualified for use with Retrospect.






For a complete list of supported drives, please see:



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