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In AppleShare IP I had to quit AppleMailServer before Ratrospect makes backup - there is a paragraqph about it in Retrospect manual - and Retrospect Event Handler was bundled with AppleShare IP to quit AMS automaticly. How can I backup AMS in MacOS X Server (Xserve) - it is still nesessary to quit AMS before backup and how can I do it in automatic.

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So Retrospect "is not currently compatible with Xserve". Great. I just bought an Xserve, due to arrive next week, and of course I bought Retrospect Workgroup so I could back it up. Money down the drain? I can find no mention of this incompatibility anywhere except deeply embedded in this forum, under the slightly misleading topic "Apple Mail Server."




Can I hope that AmyC's use of the word "currently" means they're working on fixing this? Will Xserve support come with Jaguar support? Will there be some way to run Retrospect remotely on a headless Xserve?

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But I AM worried. First of all, I got the Xserve with IDE drives, not SCSI: I've had rather bad experiences with flakey performance from OS X machines with BTO (ATTO) SCSI instead of the default IDE. And it's too late now to refit it for (more expensive) SCSI, even if I wanted to.




I haven't received the machine yet, so I don't know what software will come installed on it. What if it comes with 10.2 already installed, instead of 10.1.5?




The other issue is one of administration: I really don't want to have to hook up a monitor and keyboard to a server buried in the basement every time I want to tweak something in Retrospect's scripts, or restore something. I admit I should have considered this in advance - I just hadn't thought of the fact that unlike everything else on an Xserve, Retrospect doesn't have any facility for administration over the network. Or does it?

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What if it comes with 10.2 already installed, instead of 10.1.5?


Then you'll have to keep Retrospect running, instead of depending on its usual ability to launch automatically; Retrospect does not launch automatically in 10.2.




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unlike everything else on an Xserve, Retrospect doesn't have any facility for administration over the network. Or does it?


No, Retrospect is an application with an Aqua GUI. It has no remote control capabilities.




There are two excellent options for remote access to an OS X machine; Timbuktu and Apple's remote admin software.

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Dantz has completed Retrospect compatibility testing with Apple's Xserve.


When configured with the Ultra160 SCSI Card option, the Xserve makes an


excellent Retrospect backup server, exhibiting solid performance and


stability. Read on for additional details.






Retrospect 5.0 for Macintosh, including both the Retrospect application and


client software, is compatible with Apple's Xserve.






At this time, Retrospect 5.0 supports the Xserve running Mac OS X Server


10.1.5. Jaguar Server (Mac OS X Server 10.2) will be more fully supported by


a free update to Retrospect 5.0. Additional information is available in the


following Dantz Knowledgebase article:










The only SCSI card that Dantz supports in the Xserve is the ATTO UL3S-66 PCI


card that Apple offers as the "Ultra160 SCSI Card" option. This is the only


SCSI card that Apple has certified for use with the Xserve. Additional


details are provided in the following Apple Knowledge Base document:










The Xserve is the first computer from Apple that ships standard with two


10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet ports. If both interfaces are active, the


Retrospect application and client will use the highest priority active


Ethernet interface (as listed in the Active Network Ports screen of the


Network preferences pane). If the highest priority Ethernet interface is not


active, the next highest priority active interface will be used.




If the network interface priority is changed when the Retrospect application


is open, the new highest priority interface will be used. The Retrospect


client, however, will continue to use the interface that it bound to during


startup. If the Retrospect client is turned completely off (by


Command-clicking the Off button, killing the pitond process) and then back


on, it will use the new highest priority network interface.






Retrospect is compatible with products like Apple's Remote Desktop and


Netopia's Timbuktu for remotely administering an Xserve running Retrospect.





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