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Hello - If anyone can help I'd really be grateful. I have a Mac using Tiger version 10.4.4


Just purchased a Maxtor external drive, downloaded the latest Retrospect Express 6.1 software (with the driver update). But after partitioning the drive in two using the Mac's disk utility, I came to press the one-touch button on the Maxtor for a full backup and the following message came up on the log:


Can't access volume Backup, error -53 (volume off-line).

1/20/2006 1:21:18 AM: Execution incomplete.


I downloaded all the updates available on the Dantz site but it still keeps coming up. The partitioned drives are recognized by the computer and have been verified as good but does anyone have any suggestions? Please?

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This sounds very much like the problem I had a month ago, although that happened after I restored my HD from the bootable backup.


5 minutes on the phone with Maxtor support went something like this (I apologize there is not more detail): In Retrospect, go to scripts, find the one for Maxtor Bootable Backup and eliminate it. Then re-partition the Maxtor drive as per instructions to have a bootable backup sector.


That was as simple as it was for me.

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