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newbie needs help

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hello everyone - I am a new retrospect user - os x - and could sure use some help creating a script that will accomplish this -


M - F daily backup of database files from Filemaker.


one tape per week - doing recycle each day and rotating just two tapes - one every other week.

I want to instruct a client to change the tape every monday morning


Is this the "right" way to do this - recycle each day?

Do I need to create backup sets for each day?


Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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It's the right way, you don't need to create a backup set for each day but you do need 2 backup sets for your 2 weeks rotation.So you create a script with your source and 2 destinations(backup set 1 and 2); In your schedule you send the backup to backup set 1 during the first week(monday through friday) with "recycle" in the action area, then you do the same for the second week but here you backup to backup set 2.



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If you're going to go with the setup nembot describes, don't forget to set 'Weeks' on the schedule to 2.


This scenario is going to afford you two different backups at most - one from the previous week and one from the previous night, barring any sort of disaster (fire, flood, Godzilla attack, etc.) that might destroy the onsite tape. I'm going to assume the second tape is taken offsite.


If you were to create a backup set for each day, Retrospect would expect a tape for each backup set, and would prompt your client for a different tape every day. So, as as long as you're okay with the limited coverage, two backup sets will be all you need.

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