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Password (or lack thereof) Problems with Client Install

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We've recently upgraded to 6.0, and after a lot of headaches with the install I ultimately decided to uninstall from all five clients, reinstall the clients, and then see where I was at. The uninstall (which I did from CD) solved my problem with three of the clients, but created a new problem with two of the clients, which is this: during the re-install with the two problematic clients, the installer *never* asks for a password by which to identify the client on the network. When I go over to the server side after the client install is complete and attempt to configure the clients, the clients are visible, but when I try to log them in, Retrospect asks me for a password. Since I never got to *set* the password in the first place on the client side, however, any password that I enter on the server side doesn't work (and believe me, I've tried every single password, past and present, that has ever been attached to these clients).


So, first question: how do I get the client install to do what it's supposed to do, and what it did on the three other clients, which is to ask me for a password used to identify the client on the network?


Second question (perhaps related): why are the two problematic clients showing up on the server side with weird names? (i.e., with computer names that aren't listed anywhere in Panther's System Preferences.) In both cases, the server seems to have "discovered' client names from a prior system install (Jaguar), calling each "PersonFirst PersonLastName's Computer" (which is the default that gets set up for Rendesvous, I believe). This is not what the computers are named now in System Prefs/Accounts, System Prefs/Sharing, or in Terminal, so I can't for the life of me figure out where Retrospect Server is getting this information from.


Third question (perhaps also related): why, having paid for the full version of Retrospect Server and a five-pack of clients, does Retrospect Server tell me that I need to "upgrade to a more powerful license code" when I try to add clients by IP address? As far as I can tell, there is no more powerful license code.


Thanks for any and all help.

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Run the client uninstaller again, Reboot the machine and make sure the Library/Preferences/Retroclient.state file was deleted. What OS are the problem clients running? Have you tried clean prefs on the Retrospect server side?


In regard to the add by address question. How many clients does your licence manager show? If it is less than 100 that would mean you are using a Workgroup license code.






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I actually ended up calling Dantz tech support to answer this question, since I had to get the clients up and running to do the backup.


Turns out they were equally baffled by the issue, but they said that the *only* file that could possibly be causing me headaches was the "retroclient.state" file. So they told me to install the full version of Restrospect on each of the clients, then have Retrospect browse the entire file hierarchy, then find and delete any "retroclient.state" files.


I did that on one client, and of course it took for*ever*, but I finally got the file hierarchy displayed and was able to search for "retroclient.state" files. Turns out that when I did the upgrade from Jaguar to Panther, and did an "archive and install" (which preserves a non-bootable version of the previous OS), it had retained the "retroclient.state" file in the archived OS's folder. And that was what was hanging things up--and causing the computer to be identified by a name from the old OS. So I deleted the files from that computer and then had the bright idea to just log in as a root user on the other client and look for the same files. Which I did, and then deleted them.


Now everything works peachy. Huzzah!

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The problem I have is similar though not exact. I have two OSX clients to backup on the network, the client installer worked perfectly on the first one but on the second I am having major problems.


Run OSX client installer from the CD (ver.5)

Put in admin password when requested

Put in new Retrospect client password when requested

Restart machine

Double click Retrospect Client in Applications


Here's where it gets weird - the on/off selection is set to off and I cannot get it to go on.


Under 'Status' there is a message saying 'waiting for password activation, click ON' (or something very similar)

I click the 'on' button

It then shows the computer name beside 'client'


Then after a couple of seconds, it just switches itself back to 'off'.


The server cannot see it listed.


Any ideas anyone?




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OK - the fix(es) turned out to be (a) log in as root, uninstall from the installer, search HD for retroclient.state, delete.


Download Client most up to date client version (still ver. 5 something) from Dantz.




Restart and log in as user.


Bingo - now it works.

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