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Installing Client with Retrospect 5.0

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These are very beginner, and I apologize, lengthy, questions. Thanks to anyone who has the time.


I've been on OS 8.6 using Retrospect 4.3 installed on our two computers to backup to an external hard drive attached to one of them.


Now, I'm on new Mac with OS X and just starting to use Retrospect 5.0 and for the first time using Retrospect Client on the other OS 8.6 Macs.




1. Is there any security risk with a Retrospect Client being installed on a computer. From the question, I'm

sure you can tell that I don't know much about security and networks. I do have a router between our computers and the DSL modem. I'm told that pretty well secures our computers from being accessed. But I didn't know if having a Client decreases security on that computer. Since it is my wife's it is important. wink.gif




2. I had a couple of problems after installing the Client but on the backup Mac not the client Mac. After I configured and entered my ID etc. for the Client, I tried to do a backup of the client. Whenever a tried an Immediate Backup and got to the point where Retrospect was scanning devices it would hang and the ball would keep spinning and I'd have to do a Force Quit. And it would take 2 Force Quits to make Retrospect Quit. This would happen if I even tried to backup something on the backup Mac itself which had been working fine. Must have happened 5 or 6 times. Finally I Restarted the Mac and then it worked and all seems fine. But I hadn't installed anything on the backup Mac so not sure why the Restart helped.


At any rate, being cautious, I'm wondering what caused those type of errors and if there is any test I should perform to make sure all is OK?




3. When I finally got it to work, I tried a backup to a CD-RW that I'd been using for some testing and that was only half full. Retrospect wouldn't let me use it and said the catalog needed to be fixed and to go to Tools tab to fix. I did that but it came back with an error report in the Log saying the media was corrupt or dirty or .... Well I had just used it. So I initialized it, and made a new Set on that same CD-RW and then it worked fine. Anything that I should be concerned about???



4. In the past, I've used external hard drives for the backup media. I will continue to do so but also use either CDs or DVDs on a monthly basis for offsite backups. I have a SuperDrive in my G4 Powerbook. So leaving aside size and price are there any reasons to prefer one type between: DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW???



Again, sorry about the lengthy post, and thanks for any help. I appreciate.


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