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ERROR 501 Client not installed... but it is installed !!

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We had just acquire an eMac whose support both OS X an OS 9.2 on the same hard disk. I tried to install Retrospeck Client 5,0 after startup on OS 9.2. Installation completes but computer freezes on next startup.


I tried to install Retrospeck Client 5,0 after startup on OS X (10.2.6). Installation completes but Retrospeck on the backup server just keep returning "error 501 Client not installed" when trying to configure.


We have other eMacs, acquired 2 years ago, and Retrospeck is working very well. They support both OS X and OS 9.2 but on different HD partitions.


Does, the problem, have to do with the presence of both OSs on the same hard disk (in the same partition)???


Is anybody can help ??





André Letellier

Québec's Wildlife Foundation

Québec Canada

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