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OS X Client Up but Inaccessible

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hey All,




I have Server 5.0.201 on Classic OS 9.2.2. I have client 5.0.528 on OS X Server 10.1.5.




I install the client app. and can see the OS X server on the client config. (network view) for the first backup (within 10 minutes of installation).




Later, the Retrospect server can see the OS X server (client) but cannot configure from the client configuration tab - comes up with a window which says searching for [iP Address]... and times out. I can still see the OS X Server (as a client) on the network view within Retrospect. During backup now Retrospect cannot find the Volumes that I want backed up??




I have one active network connection - Built-in Ethernet. I have all fileservices running on the OS X Server (Apple, ftp, SAMBA and web server (httpd)).




pitond is always running - quiting this and restarting the process seems to have no affect.




I did notice one time that there were about ten processes called retropds.22 running...




Can anyone help me out - is retrospect using a port for backup that one of my other services is stealing?? That seems like the only option to me...




Thank you.

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We're having almost the same problem. We have a 20 license version of the server.


We installed version 5.0.528 of the client on two OSX macs and 3 machines running 9.x. NO problem with the 9.x, but the OSX machines can are fully functioning in all respects, ethernet is the first active network port, piton is running on both machines. One machine is brand new, and the other has been running OSX for over a year. ONe is stock, the other is somewhat customized.




Only the three OS9.x machines show up from the network tab where you add new machines.

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We only installed the OSX client.


We can ping the OSX machine, and there is no option on our server to add by address, just the pop up menu that provides available options. We're using retrospect on an XP machine as the server.


How do we find the 'OSX' pane? The only seems to be one option.

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I can ping the client machine. I install the client then I can see it on the view where you add the clients - I can configure it back it up - then later the automated back up fails...




...I go to the network pane and I can still see the OS X computer there, but when I go to try to configure it it just doesn't find anything - it searches then times out - although the OS X client machine is still visible in the add client pane...?




I then go back to the OS X machine reinstall the client - and the same thing all over again...




Cor! de Roy...

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At the time that the application times out searching for the client, what is the status of the client? Can you ping it at that point?




Does this just happen with the OS X Server? Does the 9.x client work properly?




Do you get an error code on trying to access it? Trying to back it up?

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