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Why Retrospect rejects my administrator password?

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Hi, all!




I am new to this list. I would probably never knew about its existence, but I had to look for help.




The problem is really maddeningly stupid, but I have no clue what causes it.




(G4, 500MHz, 896MB of memory, OS 9.2.2 and OSX 10.1.5 on separate partitions)




I have installed an upgrade from version 4.3 to version 5.0.205 while running OS 9.2.2 about a week ago and everything worked as expected. Today, I tried to install the same version while running OSX 10.1.5.




After installation process was finished, I got the window where I was supposed to input my name and the administrator's password. Needless to say, I wrote the same name and the same password I usually do when I log in at startup. And... Retrospect rejected it! I tried many times--using long name and short name--to no avail. What's wrong?! What is going on?!




I would appreciate it if someone would shed some light on me.

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Is the password that you normally use to log in longer than four characters? Does it contain spaces? Have you made absolutely certain that your caps-lock isn't on?




If none of the above apply, try creating a new admin account from the Users preferences pane, and using that username and password to launch Retrospect.




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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Hi, Irena,




Yes, the password was longer than 4 characters and it didn't contain spaces. Caps lock was off.




I tried your suggestion, though, and I changed the admin password, since it contained one character typed with the modificator key on. The new password didn't contain any modificator key. It helped! I was able to start Retrospect with no problem. It also solved an identical problem with another program (VirtualPC v.5) which misbehaved in the exact same way.




Thanks a lot!



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