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On the Windows server, it would be useful to separate the admin functions from the backup program itself. That way, new computers could be added, etc, without having to wait for the end of a long backup job. A network based admin client would be ideal, so these admin tasks could be done from any client.







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I fully agree - see my previous posting:


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Retrospect should be divided into a user interface for management and an NT service for backing up. You need to be able to access the GUI while a script is running. Many new Windows server installations are done using racks (no monitors!) and used remotely by Terminal Services. This works well with Retrospect as long as nobody else has connected and opened the GUI (or the backup is running) but it is a major problem with two remote sessions.




It is also important that all of the scheduled backup services (including Reportswatcher etc) can execute without anyone being logged on to the server - this is a security issue.


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