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can't install OSX client

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When I try to install the OSX client on one of my G4's I get "Was not installed with root permissions" when I open the cleint software. I have tried running the uninstaller and reinstalling. I have tried logging in as root and installing. Each time I reboot after the install. Each time I get the message. I can't figure this one out. Please help.





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Did you ever have an old version of the client on this computer, such as the Preview client or old beta client? If so, these need to be removed per the instructions that came with the software.




What version of the client are you trying to install? Does it ask for your password? Are there any errors during the install? What version of OS X?

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I may have had a Preview version, so I just ran the Retrospect Preview Uninstall. Same problem after installing Client again. I also had Retrospect Client 5 working on the computer before a clean install of OS 10.2. After installing Jaguar, I downloaded the latest version of Client (5.0.536) from this site to install, and that's when I ran into this problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no joy. I keep my User directory on a separate partition, don't know if that's relevant (it was like that before when Client was working).




When I first launch the installer (Install Retrospect Client), it askes for my "passphrase". I am the sole User and administrator on this machine. When I enter my password, a dialog box says "Authenticating Installer", and then the installer quits without any message. I relaunch the Installer and it goes right to the splash screen and the installer runs just fine. I restart as advised, and upon launching Client I get the messsage "Cannot run Retrospect Client. The Client was installed without root permissions".




Hope you can help...I need to backup!




PB G3 500, 640 MB RAM, OS X 10.2.1

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