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Retrospect updates


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I have Retrospect 7.5 multi server and back in May my auto-updates stopped working. I'm certain it's because that's about when we installed a new firewall with filtering capabilities.


I have, however, whitelisted retrospect.com and exempted the IP for my servers to no avail. I just downloaded the freshest version I could find and installed it. Problem still persists. I looked through my proxy logs (which is set transparent) and I see it connect to updates.retrospect.com/en/support, but yet it doesn't finish. Is there a JS or VBS that it's running that my proxy is filtering? There is no record for it. I can access internet from this server no problem.



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That's just it... I have a transparent proxy... it's port 80. All workstations are configured as no proxy and they work. This server can browse the web without any trouble... and is using no proxy settings in the browser.


What I ment with the JS or VBS was; what is it pulling from the update site? Just looking for new files in a repository? Is there a full link I could try in a browser to see if I can arrive at the location?



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I did that many moons ago though. I exempted all of my servers, still doesn't work. What proxy are you using? Mine is squid and dansguardian. I also have snort, I just checked and it's not considering retrospect.com an intrusion detection.


I can do manual updates, but I would rather if the feature just worked... doesn't make sense. Could it be an IE setting?

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This feature has NEVER worked for me either, despite 2 years of trying. Even with proxyserver setting configured the same way (port 80) as IE and all firewalls on my machine (XP Pro 32 bit SP2) turned off just to make sure, it cannot access the updates. Our IT help desk people were not able to get it to work, despite jiggering port settings and proxyserver settings every which way. Their final offer - call Retrospect.


But having to pay EMC $$ to get any help with this issue (or any other feature which is supposed to work out of the box) really bites. Just remember - EMC didn't create Retrospect; they just bought it from Dantz. Maybe that explains the over-priced service and lack of candour. I put up with the the unbelievably poor performance of v. 7.0, which made the Mac version seem like a screamer, with no help or explanation from EMC before finally "upgrading" to 7.5. But 7.5 is nothing more than a bug fix for which EMC hosed us for another $59! To bad they didn't fix the updater.

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The price for support and maintenance hasn't changed since the Dantz days if I remember correctly.


While EMC didn't create Retrospect, the people from Dantz still work on the product.


I would not call the upgrade from 7.0 to 7.5 nothing but a "bug fix". This is the list of changes:


NTFS Permissions

-Backup of NTFS permissions is significantly faster then prior versions. Now uses the archive bit to identify changed permissions

-New Script options for File and Folder permissions backup



-Grooming speed greatly increased

-Grooming stability improved

-Grooming of Encrypted backup sets now supported.

-First time Grooming after upgrade will require a catalog rebuild.


User Initiated Restore Add On (UIR)

-Users backed up onto a disk backup set can now restore their own files through a web browser. This feature is especially useful for backup administrators protecting a large number of desktop or notebook systems.


Single Write, Multiple Read of disk backup sets

-When a disk backup set is in use as a destination, Retrospect can now read from that backup set at the same time. This allows staged backup as well as multiple restores to be performed without stopping normal backup operations.


Retrospect Clients

-Administrators can now use SMS, Active Directory Group Policy or other software distribution tools to install the Retrospect Client over the network.

-Client Updated on all platforms to support UIR Passwords

-Automatic Client Login (Windows Clients only). Retrospect can scan the network and automatically add windows client containing the server's public key.

-Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Novell Linux Desktop 9 and Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger now supported.

-Support for Security Enhanced Linux including extended attributes. Script option to use Status Modified Date when matching

-ACLs and extended attributes can be backed up from Mac OS 10.4 systems



-New Media Verification option allowing backup verification after backups have completed without having to re-read original source.

-All backup media now contains MD5 hash data to allow later Media Verification

-Prior byte by byte verification now renamed to "Thorough Verification"

-New Verification scripts allowing scheduled verification operations

-Reduced media movement when using Media Verification. When turned on, verification of the data written will be performed after the media fills, before writing to the next piece of media.


Automatic Updates

-Retrospect can be set to automatically download and install software updates.


Microsoft Support

-Windows Server 2003 R2 fully supported with 32-bit and x64 versions

-32-bit and x64 versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Supported.

-Exchange 2000 and 2003 supported in two-note Windows cluster environments

-SQL 2000 and 2003 supported in two-note Windows cluster environments


Other Changes

-New option to show status in EMC NetWorker Management Console

-Improved support adding new Exchange Mailboxes in bulk instead of one at a time

-Interface more responsive during Grooming or when running multiple executions

-Script option to automatically eject any accessed tape or CD/DVD from drive when script completes.

-Test button to check email notification settings

-New Password timeout option in Preferences

-New Custom Drivers option when preparing for disaster recovery

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The encrypted grooming feature is a plus - I gotta say. A lot of the improvements , however, make more of a difference for larger scale users then myself - that and the poor speed performance of the earlier version contribute to the perception of a "bug fix."


The automatic updates remains a no go - however the rdu e-mail newsletter does help for those of us stuck behind highly secure firewalls.


So far as rhwalker's unkind comment goes - that is why I invest in other backup methods, along with the considerable number of licenses I hold for Retrospect - some of them from well before he made his first post here. Support costs indeed - so do critical software features that do not work.

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