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strange subject line for automated success/failure notices


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Text based e-mail readers can't decode the subject line in the automated messages coming from our server. We see this:


(from the message source)




Thunderbird is able to turn this into meaningful text ("Retrospect notification from SERVERNAME(11/6/07)"), but text-based mail readers like Pine are unable to deal with it. Suggestions on how to fix? I have looked at all of the setting under Preferences --> Notifications --> E-mail, and don't see anything that could be causing this. Half of our sysadmins use text-based readers, so this is a problem.





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I found the following item in the Product Read Me:


Corrupted subject lines in e-mail notifications: Retrospect now uses UTF-8 encoding for the subject line in e-mail notifications. Previously, it used UTF-7, which caused the text to display incorrectly in certain e-mail clients (for example, Gmail and Eudora).


Sounds like your email utility is does support UTF-8. Retrospect must use UTF-8, it can't be changed.

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