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Is Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170A supported for Retrospect?

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I am using Retrospect: version 6.1.126


I downloaded the latest driver update: version


I am trying to back up my media to DVD-R but when I try configure the Optical drive the program gets hung up. I have even tried using DVD+R DL but Retrospect ejected the disc. (The specs for Optiarc claim to support the DVD+R DL format but I have never been able burn anything with this media). EMC/Insignia states that this device IS supported but Retrospect will not configure the Optiarc drive no matter what type of DVD I use. Can anybody help?




I am using a Mac Pro running OSX version 10.4.10

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If you look at the release notes for RDU (the RDU that you have, and the first that lists support for the Optiarc AD-7170A), they say:


Optiarc AD-7170A (Apple version) Optical*


Only DVD+R media is supported
with this driver update and optical devices.


So, clearly, you aren't going to have any luck trying DVD-R media. And, in contrast to the notes for some other drives, which say that DL media is supported, there is no indication of DL support for your drive. Quite to the contrary, Only DVD+R media is supported for your drive.


I would suggest that you try using the parameters in the driver by moving the .rdi file in /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/ to the Desktop (so that your configurations don't override the default parameters in the driver), and give it a shot with media that is supported and for which the driver has been tested and qualified.



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