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Error 506 (duplicate activator code)


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I am trying to add my linux clients to my Retrospect backup server. I have linux clients already added which work fine and have been for quite a long time. One of my clients was added a few months ago and has been running w/o issue until this week when I received the "Error 506 (duplicate activator code)" message when trying to add the client again. I haven't changed/updated anything on the server side. I have run standard OS updates to the linux machine(s) lately.


My server is running Retrospect 6.1.126 on a 10.4.10 PPC machine. My linux client is a CentOS 5.x box running retroclient-7.0.110-1. I skimmed the SMC website for some answers but couldn't really find anything useful. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance.



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