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Install/Uninstall errors


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I have an end user that tried removing Retrospect 7 incorrectly and now it does not show up on the computer, however, I cannot reinstall the application either. It must still see something from the program because when trying to install I get the modify/repair/remove options (none of which work).


Depending on the option I choose I either get 'Internal error 2753 retrorun.exe' or 'Internal Error 2753 retfwset.exe - neither file is on the machine (that I can locate anyway). I've gone through the registry and removed all Restrospect related entries with the exception of one 'Retrospect Helper' that will not delete.


So at this point I cannot reinstall the application, cannot repair or remove, nor can I locate anything else to remove that will alleviate the errors I'm receiving.


Is there perhaps some other app that can truly rip out everything related to this product so I can reinstall it?

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