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Not enough space to store backup


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I've been using a Western Digital 1Tb MyWorldBook network device with Retrospect Express for Windows for over a month with good daily backups. Tonight I missed a backup because I had disconnected my home network to reorganize my wiring closet. When I did a manual backup after that, the backup fails with a balloon in the corner of the screen that says "There is not enough disk space to store this backup".


The log seems to tell a little different story:


10/30/2007 2:10:51 AM: Copying Local Disk (C:)

The Backup Set member "1-IBM-BD9C2722DCA" is corrupt or has data from another set.

10/30/2007 2:15:51 AM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 3 files, 2,068 KB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:04:59 (00:04:41 idle/loading/preparing)


The device shows that I have 832GB available on the device (my entire C drive is only 180GB) and I have been able to copy some very large data sets (.5 GB) to the backup drive.


Any suggestions on what is happening?

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I have Retrospect Express HD, shipped with my Western Digital MyWorldBook storage. The only software I can find is Retrospect Express HD 2.0. When I open that program, the only options I can find are Setup and Restore and an option to turn autobackup on or off.


Is the catalog rebuild capability available, and if so, how do I access it?

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I also am having this problem; I have followed the advice to delete and reconstruct the catalog but when I re-run Retrospect Express HD the problem re-occurs.


Details are:


I have 2 Maxtor external drives - 'M' (200gb, used mainly for my 42-year collection of photos, which I am digitising) and 'N' (300gb, used for backup and about 200gb free). HD is used on demand to backup a pre-defined set of files on C- and M-drives - a total of about 70gb.


When I checked, I discovered that my last 3 attempts to backup M had failed - I think with lack of space error. I deleted these 3 restore points from the log and tried again. This time, definitely failed with 'lack of space' message.


FOund this thread, which appears to describe the problem exactly. Closed HD, opened My Computer and deleted the Restorepoint file from drive N. When I opened HD and re-ran backup, it failed again with the same message. I note that after the catalog is rebuilt, HD has a further 28gb to backup from M. I repeated the process several times and it failed at the same point each time - 22.7gb complete.


I would be grateful for any advice.


Thanks in advance - Roy Simpson

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