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Backup to any Media ???

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Hi Can anyone help me with the following i am using an Iomega REV


How can I set up Retrospect 7.5 to just accept any Media? I have 5 tapes and if a user puts in the wrong tape I still need it to back up.


So if they put in Tuesday on Friday I still need it to backup - at the moment I get please insert Friday tape so backup does not work.


Is this possible?


Many thanks in advance



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For security reasons, Retrospect won't erase the wrong tape automatically.


Lennart, don't get me started on my rant about the long-standing bug in Mac Retrospect, fixed long ago in the Windows version only, where it fails to honor the names of barcoded pre-named pre-erased tapes, which can interact with Retrospect's unusual algorithm for deciding when a tape is "erased" (error at BOT), which can interact with a real tape error at BOT and cause a non-erased tape to be believed to be erased and used when an erased tape is needed.


The correct statement should be "Retrospect shouldn't erase the wrong tape automatically."



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