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Retrospect and Vista 64-bit


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Just got a new laptop with Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Installed the Retrospect Client so that I could backup this machine. All seemed fine until I did the first backup. I get the error -1017 when trying to do the open file backup and also when trying to backup the system state. The rest of the backup seems OK.


On further investigation I found that Retrospect doesn't support 64-bit Vista and that is probably why I'm getting errors. This brings up 2 questions that I hope somebody can answer:

1. Are there plans to support 64-bit Vista?

2. If yes to #1, what is the timeframe.




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I work with Documentum products a lot and EMC is always telling us about new features and approximate timeframes. We do a lot of development work and use VMware images to do that work. It is because of the increased resource requirements of Documentum D6 that I got the new machine in the first place.


Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you're working on it. I only hope I can wait. I keep putting more stuff on this machine and at some point I'm going to have to have a backup. At this point I'm hoping it will be with Retrospect.



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