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Grooming problem in retrospect 7.0

H. Kuehl

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My Retrospect 7.0.249 has been backing up my computer since 2005 to a Maxtor 300 GB external hard disk without problem. It was set to groom according to Retrospect’s defined policy. But yesterday the backup execution stopped with the message that “Backup Set A was groomed but that did not free up enough space. Select a disk to add as storage to Backup Set A.” I thought that the grooming would always free up enough space for the backup to proceed and finish. I tried various things that have not helped, including, a Recycle backup, which erases all the files on the external hard disk; and uninstalling Retrospect and then installing it (evidently not everything gets uninstalled because messages remain the same).


Now, when I start an immediate backup, after a minute or two I get a window titled “2-Backup Set A” with the message “Select a disk to add as storage to Backup Set A. Backup Set A was groomed but that did not free up enough space. About 60.1 G remaining to store. Look in Desktop.” It does not allow me to select the external hard disk. Looking at the external hard disk in My Computer, it is empty, so there is plenty of room for the backup.


When I booted up my computer this morning, there appeared the message “Media needed before Wed., Oct. 17, 2007 at 8:00 PM: Writing to any disk that is erased or named “2-Backup Set A.”


Can someone help me to rectify this problem?

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