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UI Freeze on Scheduled Execution


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Whenever Retrospect 7.5 runs on my latest-patched winxp sp2 machine on a daily schedule, the backup runs fine, but the UI freezes (or at least refuses to "repaint" itself). This is causing me big problems as I can't see the currently executing jobs or any important messages (such as insert another tape!).


Backups are all working fine - and the UI is obviously still receiving input as I can click on the place where the menu should be, and the menu drops down (but renders only the separators - so I have to remember where the exit link is and guess what the messages that popup in message boxes are saying... not ideal).


It's fine when I run and execute a manual backup - the UI freeze only arise when the program and backup runs from a scheduled execution.


I've searched the web and the support forums and can't find any other mention of it - anyone have any ideas or similar problems and solutions? I've also just updated to the latest Retrospect driver to see if that makes any difference.


Thanks in advance.


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Thanks for the suggestions.


I have got a dual monitor setup with Dell E196FPs (Flat panels). This is driven by both fairly standard cards with nothing out of the ordinary drivers (windows update) although I guess the two graphics drivers could be causing some problems.


Disabling the second monitor has no effect, and running Retrospect in both screens (so I guess using different drivers to render the screen) has no effect either - still freezes up.


Main monitor is on Radeon X300 SE 128MB

Secondary is on an older Nvidia Gforce 2 MX 100/200


Turning off hardware acceleration on both has no effect either so not sure if this is related to the graphics drivers or some other problem...




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