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Retrospect 7.5 on Vista - can't run


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I did a fresh install of 7.5 on Vista as a Vista administrator with the privilege "Run As Administrator." I then started Retrospect (run as administrator) from the same account. Retrospect asked me for a user name and password, so I used the same as the login. Retrospect told me Retrospect is Locked. Only a member of the administrator's group can use it.


What can I do to get logged in and get Retrospect running?

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Thank you for your note. I have been on the page a number of times, but Insignia is too clever for me. I don't see where to download 7.5.387. All I can see is how to use it once it is downloaded. Perhaps you can point me to the section with the link to download. The issue is that Retrospect offers a download, but it is not 7.5.387.


I appreciate you working with me on this one.

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That's really puzzling, because I visited that page before replying to you, and I tested that the link worked and that the downloaded file was, in fact, the file "Retro-EN_7_5_387.exe". And I tested again moments ago after you posted your response. Are you sure that you are clicking the correct link?


The line that says "Retrospect 7.5.387 Installer" has several columns.


The first column, entitled "Software Version", says "7.5", which is the software version.


The second column, entitled "Updater/Details", says "Retrospect 7.5.387 Installer" and is a link to the KnowledgeBase "Read Me" article that gives release details and installation details.


The third column, entitled "Date Posted", says "2007-05-14", and is the release date for the update.


The fourth, and last column, is entitled "Download", and has a link for the, um, download. The link indicates that the update is "54 MB" in size. This link, entitled "54 MB" in the "Download" column, is the link that you need to click to download the file "Retro-EN_7_5_387.exe".


You then download and run this ".exe" file, and the update will be installed.


Could you try again and report your results? It sure seems to be working for me.



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