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Deleted .rdb files - is data lost ?


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Hi everyone...I've been searching through the forums here trying to find an answer to my problem.


I have been doing backups for a while and tested the restoring part when I first set this up about a year ago. All was fine. I'm backing up data from a network point to an extra hard drive on my pc. The problem is that I tried to restore one yesterday and it cannot find it.


A while back I found that this hard drive was getting full, so I decided that I would clear out some of the old .rdb files (geeze, in hindsight I think that was moronic!) I thought to myself (without reading anything) that it would be a good idea to delete all those .rdb's that are older than a month...didn't figure I would need them. Well, it seems I do?


I've been trying to do a restore of a folder that was deleted last week, but keep running into a wall. I'm not sure if doing a catalog rebuild is the fix or just what. Not to mention the fact that I'm not sure about doing the rebuild...I think I'm too stressed to understand the instructions...I dunno.


Here is what I have, and here is what I get:


Retrospect Express Ver. 7.5.387


The restore procedure: I select the backup set to restore from / find the date the folder still existed / select to restore to my c: drive in a new folder called 'restored' / select restore files and folders / select files / scroll down to the folder and make sure the data I want is in it ... it is ... / select never (it's an empty folder that I'm restoring to) / then it shows that it's going to restore 148 files (Yay!) / click on start / then I get a screen that pops up and says Please Select The Backup Set Member If disk is unavailable click Choices / so I click Choices.


This is where I'm lost...I selected the Missing option one time, and nothing happened (other than my folder has a diamond in front of it now) I tried the Browse and it said it was beyond the file AA000003.rdb and did I want to mark all files up to this file as missing? (I didn't know what to say so I cancelled)


What it boils down to, is am I able to get the folder back, or am I pooched?


Thanks in advance, and I hope this makes sense.

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Ok...The catalog rebuild isn't the answer. I've been watching the Tutorials (they're great) and now understand what the catalog is. That's the .rdb the My Doc's folder. That file is still there.


A little more information for anyone reading this: I select All Files Except Cache Files / Options have Thorough Verification On. There's no compression or anything else selected here.


So can I get the folder back? Please, please help.

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Ahh well then, isn't that grand. So I am 'pooched'. Good to know. But the question remains, why can I still 'see' the file to select while going through the restore process? It's as if it knows it was there, but it is only accessible from the first time it was backed up? It's like there's a little ghost in there teasing you...argh. It's a crappy feeling, you think it's there, but nope.


Going forward from here, how do you properly and effectively delete all the scripts and .rdb's to start from scratch? I'm trying to do that now, so that I can do this properly from now on, but it seems that it thinks my drive doesn't have enough space, but from everything I can see (you know, when you use properties of a drive to get the size) I seem to have plenty...but Retrospect says nope, sorry, not enough space...what else have I screwed up?


Thanks for your reply, by the way. :-)

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