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retrospect client and backup set records reset ???

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Ok, this ones a comlete mystery.


we have a multiserver licence, currently installed as version 7.5.387, hot fix OS in question is windows 2003 server (standard ed) SP2.


we have just finished a summer refit, including 120 new backup sets, and around 120 refreshed clients (old ones removed and reinstalled, client units inspected etc). in short - quiet a lot of leg and finger work.


25th september, retrospect decided to account itself unlicenced, and ask for a licence code. We put the numbers back in.


started ok, but doesnt look right. reason being all our new entries are missing. client records are pre-summer, all the old stuff is resurrected. all the new data is gone. same for the backup sets. about the only part that looks to remain intact are the scripts.


sadly those now reference a couple of hundred clients and backup sets that are not in existence according to retrospect.


Would appreciate any info on whats going on here. I cant hold out any acceptable level of service on such shifting sands. Not counting the amount of human resource this thing has just tipped down the drain, we are currently in such an inconsistent state that I may have little choice but to throw this product out if I cannot identify whats occured and be able to assure others that any issues have been fixed.


Ive looked long and hard at the system to no avail. I cant explain it. Maybe others here have some ideas in this regard?



many thanks


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