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My Retrospect 6.1 has been backing up my MacBook Pro (recently updated to 10.4.10) just fine from my Intel iMac running 10.4.9 until today. Last backup one week ago, no issues. Today I get :"sorry, can't connect to client .... error -1028 (client is not visible on network). So I do the restarrts of the wireless router/switch, modem, verify ability to do a local connection to the laptop via afp, installed the latest 6.1 driver update on the server just in case, went to the client window on the laptop to assure readiness and no errors. Client Mac OS firewall is off. I do everything in the FAQ on the EMC website, and I still have the same trouble. The only thing that's changed is the update to 10.4.10..., at least I think. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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(1) are you SURE that the firewall wasn't turned on when you did the update to 10.4.10?


(2) How did you add the client? by name or by IP?


(3) you mention "wireless router/switch" - is the client on the same subnet as the Intel iMac?


(4) have you tried forgetting and re-adding the client on the machine running Retrospect?


(5) are you sure that the Intel iMac doesn't have its firewall on?


(6) have you tried adding the client by IP? It's possible that the client's IP changed, and your wireless router/switch may not pass multicast/broadcast packets that would let easy discovery happen.


(7) when you "recently updated to 10.4.10", what did you update from? Did you happen to do an "archive and install" which would have given you a new set of system stuff?


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Thanks for the reply. RE:


1) not 100%, but pretty close to it


2)I don't remember which way I added it - I seem to remember by name, not IP


3) yes


4) No, but I will


5) yes. The iMac worked perfectly with Retrospect and the MacBook Pro before the MacBook did an auto-update (download) to 10.4.10.


6) No. But I'll try that after 4)


7) see above


Thanks again!

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