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Not getting contents of entire c:\


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I am using Retrospect 7.5.387 on my Desktop to backup a Notebook Client that I am building. Both are Win XP SP2


I wanted to create a backup of everything currently on disk (11GB). However, when I run my backup, it does not select all files and I only get an initial backup of 5.5 GB.


I must be misunderstanding how the product or selectors works.

I have created a baseline backup set for the computer.

Source: "Local Disk (C:) on" the target notebook computer

Destination: The backup set I created for the baseline

Selecting: All Files

Preview: 5.4GB!

Options: Media verification on, Software data compression, Back up open files


So, what am I doing wrong. If I select 'All Files', and everything on the computer is a file -- then, how am I not getting everyting?


Thanks in advance,


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Alright -- I get it now.


Two files exist at c:\

hiberfil.sys (hibernation)

pagefile.sys (Paging file)


Together, these total the remaining 6GB of space. Since they are on c:\ as a FILE, I imagined they would get picked up (not explicitly excluded in the selector). Apparently, Retrospect makes some decisiona, as to files to not include -- though they're note excluded in the selector.


So, false alarm.

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