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Restore backed up Vista folder over running Vista operating system?


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I have had to reinstall my Vista Business Operating System because I had removed parts of Media Player which I have since discovered are integral to Vista and it would no longer play video or allow installation of Adobe Flash Player. I assume this operating system problem was saved along with everything else on my Retrospect system backups in the windows folder. I do not have any backups of my system before that problem developed.


Now I have reinstalled a clean Windows Vista Business operating system in the computer. I then did a full volume restore without unchecking the Windows folder in the backup (thinking that it contained all the registry settings, etc needed to run all my programs that were being restored to the hard drive, and the text says it will not overwrite the functioning operating system). Well most of the icons reappeared on the restored computer, and I was elated. Then I tried to enter some registration numbers for a Symantec product in a dialog box that was on the monitor waiting for an answer.... at which the computer beeped; so I shut it off and restarted (ho, ho, ho) and it would not restart in normal or in safe mode.


So now I have formatted the drive again and reinstalled a fresh operating system and wonder how I can restore all my 39gb of backedup programs and data in the most efficient way. Can I do a full restore but first uncheck the Windows folder and expect all my programs to work? Or do I have to reload all of the programs and then selectively restore files and folders? rolleyes3grem1.gif

Any help would be gratefully appreciated. smile.gif

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