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Can a 'Repair Catalog' action be scripted?


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Can a repair catalog operation be scripted like a backup or restore?


The reason I ask is I have two servers running to overcome firewall limitiations. I need to move the backup files from one server to the other nightly. I can do this with a move operation but I need to recreate the catalog in order to put the files to tape and to allow for restores if requested (it would be time consuming to recreate the catalog every time I needed a restore).


Currently I move the files. I can't transfer snapshots/backupsets with a recycle option because I don't want the clients fully backed up every day. I need to trick retrospect into thinking the backup files are there which has been working well provided I don't groom. All I need to do is somehow automate the catalog file recreation on the other end in order for this to work. Any suggestions?


I know this is a bit confusing but my colleagues have issues with leaving backup files outside a restrictive firewall which is why I have to move them nightly.


Thanks ahead of time

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Solved my own problem. Hooked up the NAS device directly to the main server, gave it an internal ip address, then created a loop back address on the other server with the same ip. I duplicate the directory from one server to the NAS device every night and then transfer the snapshots. Retrospect only sees the ipaddresses and thinks its the same machine. Problem solved.

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