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How do I restore from .rdb files?


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This is document in the Retrospect User's Guide, Retrospect tutorials, training videos and Retrospect Help. Have you had a chance to review these?


You can start with a catalog rebuild and then a restore using the restore wizard.


kb.dantz.com contains the tutorials, documentation and videos.


Others in the forum will be happy to post more details if you still have trouble.

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I've examined everything but the training videos. I can't find anything. When I double click one of the .rdb files in Windows Explorer, Retrospect starts up but doesn't do anything, so obviously these are Retrospect files.


It won't rebuild. When I try to point it to the files to rebuild it will only accept .rbf and .rbc files, not .rdb files.


I hope someone can come up with something. A backup program is USELESS if it won't restore. I'll want my money back, I don't care how long ago I bought the stupid software. Though of course getting my money back will be small consolation if I've lost my data. Sheesh.

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I never had aproblem restoring files as i always have went through the restore wizard in Retrospect. have you tried using this? It is pretty straight forward.


Under Restore Option - Restore - Next - Now Select the Back up Set you want to Restore From


Now select the snapshopt (The Correct Corresponding location that your restoring from Ie C drive)


Select Next


Now choose destination ( I always restore to a New folder called restored so i can ensure it is complete then copy desired files to correct location)


In your case select files and folders


select files


Now Find the folder or files you would like to restore. Tick the box next to it and continute.


Hopefully this will help!

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What happens is that I navigate to the disk (an external USB 2/0 drive) where the files are located, navigate down the folder tree, and Retrospect DOES NOT SEE THE FILES and refuses to open anything, I assume because they have an .rdb extension. It's as if the files don't exist, as far as Retrospect is concerned. That's what I don't get. Retrospect CREATED those files!!!!!!!!

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