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Upgrading from Express to Express HD 2.0


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Hi Folks,


This is my first post on this forum. I'm considering upgrading from Retrospect Express to Express HD 2.0. Am I right in saying that Express HD 2.0 will enable me to create a backup image of my entire computer including Operating System? I have one internal HDD on my PC, containing two equal partitions - the system drive (C:\) and an empty drive (G:\). Backups will be to an external USB2.0 HDD.


How does Express HD 2.0 compare with the likes of Acronis 10 or other disk imaging software from the point of ease-of-use?



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I am not sure what you are talking about. This thread only has 22 views and you made the only reply.


Retrospect Express 2.0 is less powerful then Retrospect Express 6 or 7.


Express and Express HD will do a complete backup of the entire C drive including the registry.


Retrospect is not image software, it is file by file backup.

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