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Only One File...Any Hope?


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I am not an avid user of Retrospect. We had a computer crash (being the computer the backups were made on) and the only files I have to restore using Retrospect are Retrospect Catalog files (.rbf) file extensions. When I try to restore, it asks for a backup set number, which I obviously don't have. I can see the files that were backed up per the preview listing pane, but they will not restore since I am missing the backup set number file. Is there any way around this or am I dead in the water?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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I was able to restore a bunch of .rdb files begining with AA000000 and such using a hard drive data recovery tool. I was able to find one of these that maches perfect to the date of the .rbf file when it was created. But when I go to restore it and when retro asks for me to locate the .rdb file, and I do, it says the file is either corrupt or does not belong to this backup set. The .rbd file is huge at around 600MB so I know it has to be right. Any suggestions?

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The .rbd file is huge at around 600MB so I know it has to be right.


No you don't. Hard disk "recovery" tools just look for a bunch of blocks and try to make sense of them. Once a file has been deleted, its blocks are available for use by other programs. Your gamble when using hard drive recovery programs is a prayer that the blocks have not been overwritten since deletion. And the recovery program is just making best guesses based on stale data (dates, etc.) in now-available directory slots. The information it uses may not be OK.


It's possible that some blocks in what you think is the .rdb file have been scribbled on, such that the entire file's integrity has been compromised.



Any suggestions?


use your alternate offsite backup set. You do have one for just such a contingency, don't you?

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