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New user confused - how to select which files are in backup set?


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I'm using Retrospect Express Backup OEM edition version 6.0.222 on an XP machine, backing up to an external harddrive. I did what I thought was a full backup of my system. I then did an immediate backup and didn't see any of my kids' files being saved. So I copied 3 of my files to my kids' folder and renamed them. I then did another backup expecting to see 3 files backed up.

No files were backed up!!

I tried to see how the configuration was setup, but I can't seem to get the info I need on what folders are included.


The Backup Set properties doesn't display a tree of folders included in the backup.


I'd like to exclude Webroot Spysweeper folders because I get errors from those folders - I suspect Spysweeper has some open files that can't be backed up.


How can I select which files should be include and which should be excluded from backups?

Thanks in advance.


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