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My DR .iso file too big to fit on CD!


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Hi all,


I know that this has been posted before, but....


Just rebuilt PC and have made new install of WinXP pro on to new O/S hard drive, only have O/S, Office 2003 and latest (fully patched) version of Retrospect installed. After having backed up O/S disc to DVD the DR .iso file that EMC-Retrospect has created is 805MB!!! Which of course will not fit onto a CD.


Have looked at other posts and can see that there are tools that can be used to 'delete' content in the .iso file to reduce size, however which files are the ones to delete?


I was interested in one of the replies from Support where they say that 'one' should use an original O/S CD for the building of the DR .iso file. But if all 'we' have are original recovery CD's from the OEM (in this case Dell), are support saying that every EMC-Retrospect owner that has an OEM PC with recovery discs now have to go out and buy a copy of WINXP to make EMC-Retrospect software work correctly! I don't remember this happening when it was a Retrospect or Dantz product!!


Any feedback gratefully received.


Mike frown.gif

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Hi mjmuk,

Same problem here.

Found, that some software is able, to burn cd-iso-images to DVD.

In "Nero" there is a menu "Rekorder", where you can "burn image". Select the iso-file and than change the upper left corners choice-menu from "CD" to "DVD" and the CD-iso image will be burned as DVD-img to DVD.



sorry for my bad english.




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