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Selecting a specific directory to backup

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(Mac OS 10.4.10, Retrospect v.6/1/126)

I am trying to prepare a backup script that will execute just a backup of my user directory. In the backup selection dialogue, I specify an enclosing folder with exactly my username.


Then I ran the script. When the backup was completed, I selected the restore function. In the file set that is displayed, I see that my user directory was backed up, but also I see that the other user directories also were backed up. In addition, I see that some directories at the system level--Applications and Library--were partially backed up too.


Please advise on why I'm getting more than just my personal directory backed up and how to just select my personal directory.


Thanks for the help.

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Hard to tell because you haven't posted your exact selector. Retrospect is very picky, but it can be done. I've got an existence proof here.


The better and faster way to do this, though, so Retrospect doesn't have to scan your entire volume just to back up your user directory would be to define your user directory (folder) as a Retrospect "subvolume". See page 171 of the Mac Retrospect 6.x Users Guide. Or, just go to Configure > Volumes, click the "Subvolume..." button, navigate to your home folder, define that as a subvolume, then use that subvolume as the source in your backup strategy. Note that path names, if you have created selectors, etc., may need to change if you do selective backup of files within your home folder.



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