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Unable to use open file backup, error -1115

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We recently began having issues with one of our servers. The following is the error message:


Can't use Open File Backup option for drive X on server x, error -1115 (disk full)


On this drive we have over 5GB of free disk space out of 28GB. I guess my question is how much free space does the Open File Backup option need to run? Any ideas?


I checked my backup server and I have over 500GB of free disk space for the backup set and the catalog. It specifically has something to do with the source server that I'm trying to back up.

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Found my answer in case anyone ever runs into the same problem.


They recommend a minimum of 5GB free on the drive you are backing up. They said they recommend 10GB to avoid running into errors.


I'm not sure how they got that number as the tech was in too much of a hurry to get me off the phone.


Seems kinda funny they can't tell me why sometimes it will run fine with as little as 100MB of free space but sometimes it will fail with 5GB of free space...

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