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Pioneer DVR-112D or 212D (SATA) compatibility?


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Anybody using either of these drives successfully with Retrospect?


I bought a DVR-111C, but it appears to be significantly different

from the 'D' versions and is not usable with Retrospect at all

(fails to configure).


I'd like to hear from anybody who is successfully using a DVR-112D

or DVR-212D.

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I have a "Pioneer DVR-112" (identified locally (Australia) as "DVR-A12XLA"), that Retrospect V7.5 with latest updates, successfully configured using the inbuilt configuration routine.


Note that I updated the firmware to latest available version: V1.22


To update firmware if required, go to http://www.pioneer.com/ and you should find a link to downloads.


I also have a "Pioneer 109" with firmware V1.40, Retrospect was unable to configure this drive, however, I have not bothered to update the firmware.


My problem with the "Pioneer 112" is the amount of 'did not compare' errors, for sure, the errors are corrected/reduced on second backup, but never to zero. Does not matter much for non System Data, but some are crucial to/for System integrity and a successful Restore.

I have configured/set the "Pioneer DVR-112" for every write-speed setting available in Configure>>Devices>>Properties, but the error count varies very little.

Perhaps my problem is obtaining compatable media (which was actually tested by Pioneer), it seems very few, if any, of the media is available in Australia. (Not only have to match the brand, but also the type and version of media).


Totally off subject, I have got my "Seagate SCSI Travan HornetNS" operating successfully. If you are receiving Retrospect error -206, check, and even replace all data-cables. My problem related to faulty IDE cable, (note that my Travan is SCSI). Errors can be transferred/broadcast throughout system.

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Did you already to try to custom-configure as outlined here:

Retrospect for Windows:

Retrospect for Mac:



Yes. Retrospect tries to configure and gives up, saying the drive can't be used with DVD+R media. I've made several coasters trying to get it to configure.

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