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Files from a "duplicate" backup are not visible - OSX 10.4.10

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I am trying to understand why I can't see the files copied with the "duplicate" backup in Retrospect.

The folder size is correct (via "get info" in the Finder) but I can't see any of the folder/file.

I have tried both creating the destination folder on the hard disk from within Retrospect and also from the Finder.

Other similar scripts pointing to different clients work perfectly. I can see the backup running (and the destination folder on the HDD shows its size) but as soon as I try to open the folder, it's apparently empty.

I am working with the last version of Retrospect 6.1.126.


Many thanks for your attention,



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Are you sure it's not a case of icon view with the icons off-screen? What happens if you put the window in list view? What happens if you use Terminal, navigate to the folder, and do, in terminal,


ls -al

(those are lower case "L" characters, not a pipe symbol)


What happens if, in Finder, you do "View > Clean Up" ?



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Hi and thanks for the reply.

It sounds like the issue disappeared by itself, without intervention.

The same way no files used to be visible, after the second or third duplication (sync between the client and the copied files) everything is there.



Many thanks and greetings from Italy.


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