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Win2K not powering down


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I've got a Win2K box running Retrospect 5.6 and I am using a VXA-1 firewire drive.


All goes well on the backup and the system tries to shutdown the computer,


but I see a "It is now safe to powerdown the computer." screen. I've never seen that


on Win2K before. When I select "shutdown" via the Start button, the Win2K shuts down


and the computer powers itself off. Known flaw?





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Since some mant responses came in .... :-)




I decided to see if I could solve the problem another way. I located the "shutdown.exe"


command from the Win2K resource kit and tried to use that. I was going


to schedule it to run a few hours after the backup should have finished. When I ran


the command, I got the same screen again, so i think I fall under the "not all


machines can be shutdown via an external application" batch.




What I don't understand is how M$ is able to shutdown (and powerdown) the


PC when I choose shutdown from the start button, but I can't


do it from any other application. Probably more of the propriatary interfaces in


their OS.......





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