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Can Windows Clients back up Vista (to Mac)?

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I cannot seem to get an answer to this from customer support.


I have Restrospect Desktop for Mac, and a number of client licenses, among them Windows XP machines.


I just got a new Windows machine on the network, running Vista. Do the Windows Clients support Vista and backing up this computer?


This EMC comparison chart appears to show Vista Compatibility:




...while clicking on the "system requirements" page of the Mac Restrospect page does not:





- Stephen

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Thanks for the responses!



The Mac version does not support the backup of Vista clients. If it does work for you, then continue using it to copy data.


Do you know if this is something that is planned to change?



Registry backup can not take place from a Macintosh.


Is this only for Vista, or is this true for XP as well? I have been backing up XP Clients for awhile, I have not had to restore anything (thankfully), but I was under the impression I was performing a "complete back-up".




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We backup Vista client *data* from the Mac app all the time. Works fine.


But, as Mayoff says -- we only backup data, so we can't say anything about how restoring a "bootable" system would work...


So, do you specifically backup only certain folders or subvolumes, or exclude anything, or do you still backup the client desktop?

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