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Back scanning multiple files and running as a service

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new user to retrospect and i was wonder whether you have the following features hidden somewhere:


1. can the backup files be split into multiple small files (e.g. CD or DVD sized?). Services like amazon S3 have 5G limits also, for example. I would like to backup to hard disk but generate multiple 1G files for example.


2. it is possible for retrospect to run as a service so i do not have to be logged in to run it?


Many Thanks


Liam Hudson

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1: No, not directly. File Backup Sets are single files, growing as large as the data they contain.

I have read of some users who set up an ftp server on the local machine, and write an Internet Backup Set to the same machine. Such a Backup Set will segment data, and that segment size can be configured (via resource modifications; there is no GUI to change the segment size of an Internet Backup Set). Restoring would require moving the segments back to a working FTP server and accessing them via that protocol.


Probably better to find a segment tool that can split the File Backup Set into the size(s) you need.



2: No. Retrospect is a Carbon application, not a unix service.




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