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I am having trouble creating a selector that works correctly. I am backing up 5 Macs on a network. Two are running OS 9 and 3 are running OS X. I want to backup only the following folders:




Users, Documents, and Shared; only if they are on the volume root. And Preferences, for both the OS 9 and OS X machines.




If I include "enclosing folder matches Users" I get all the user folders on a particular machine, no matter where they are located. If I add "and enclosing folder is volume root" I get the same result.




If I try to use a pathname selector, I need a different one on each machine because the volume names are different. This is not reliable, as the use could change the volume name.




I can use the special folders selector for the documents and preferences folders, but not for the Users folder or the shared folder.




How do I specify these selector?












PS: It would be helpful to have special folder selectors for Users and Home

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I'm not sure how many places you will find a "Users" folder on an OS X system. In a scan of my own OS X box, I found 2: one on the root level, and one in a folder called "private." Creating a selector with the following criteria works:




Include Enclosing folder name exactly matches Users




Enclosing folder name does not match private









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