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Multi Server and Backup Server Clients

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I just recently upgraded from Retrospect 7.0 to 7.5 on 1 of my backup servers. It was running Multi Server 7.0 and now is running Multi Server 7.5. When I go in and look at License Manager it is showing under Backup Server Clients 11 used, -6 available and the 5 that are there are showing Trial 1-Pack with the SQL Licenses in ( ).


Is there something I did wrong, the Application at the top shows Multi Server and looking through everything it is the same as 7.0 and is supposed to be unlimited with Backup Server Clients and Backup Clients. So far everything is backing up fine, so I'm hoping its just a glitch in the software and that I don't come in 1 day to find it hasn't backed up the 12 servers assigned to it.


Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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trying to back up my server and it appears that on a specific day the back up always errors. I found that retrospect is asking (for ex) a tape named '2-xyz-1', however the tape that is in there is named '1-xyz-1'...how can i change the name of the tape that retrospect is looking for? Will this resolve the issue?

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