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retro multi 7.5 387 - hp rack server 1U no scsi - 2fc hba-1ax150 - need tape solution

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any body have good experience with

a tape backup device for retrospect server,

for recomend to me?


i have a problem my server is hp rack mount, with only two pci express slot, used by

the two HBAs (redundance) an there is no more space for an extra pci card, by example an scsi card.


what a need is an external tape drive (not a library) to conect to this server via USB or via ethernet,

compatible with retrospect to do sintetic backup, with a good performance,


any sugestions


thank you



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Are you SURE that you can't, for example, get a multi-channel FC HBA card to free up a slot for SCSI? You won't get desired performance needed over USB, and over ethernet you instead are probably talking about backing up to a network disk (not tape). There are companies that make multi-channel FC HBA cards so you could free up a slot. It really takes a high performance I/O channel to make modern tape stream without backhitching. And you really ought to reconsider using a tape library / autoloader. Check out Exabyte's VXA-2 and VXA-320 rack-mount 10 slot 1U autoloaders. They really aren't that expensive.



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