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Problems with backing up folders.

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Retrospect v 6.1.126

Mac OS X Server 10.4.10

Quantum LTO2


I have set up an easy script to backup Monday - Friday, 4 folders on the server. It is performing a recycle backup every day, so any tape can just be put in. The script functions and everything looks fine. When looking through the log there seems to be a problem with what Retrospect has backed in terms of folder size compared to the actual folder size.



Retro log:

Folder A 99.9GB

Folder B 8.6GB

Folder C 4.2GB

Folder D 3.2GB


Get info:

Folder A 99.9GB

Folder B 14.3GB

Folder C 4.2GB

Folder D 3.2GB


I can't see a reason why if the other folders grow, they get bigger in the backup log apart from Folder B. If I make it much bigger, the log stays the same. The really weird thing is if I perform an immediate backup of Folder B, Retrospect sees the correct size of the folder.


Any idea's

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