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Backup using duplicate


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Tried ahlf a dozen times this past couple of days to no avail.

Get part way through and system comes up with errors such as

error 1102 drive missing/unavailable

error 1020 sharing violation

error 1017 insufficient permissions


Completed 41.2 Gb

Remaining 11.4 GB


There must be someway to start fresh, clean destination harddrive by removing all info or reformatting.

I just want to duplicate my desktop main harddrive "C"


Can somebody pass on some help.

I have not used the program as much as I should have very little experience with retrospect.

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error 1102 drive missing/unavailable might be from your USB (if you are using one) power management settings. device manager > your destination drive > right click properties > power management tab some setting like never power off should be in there. I don't know about t

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