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Dealing with disk encryption software

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Hi all.


Some of the computers I provide backup services for are going to have disk encryption software installed on them (not my decision for sure). I need to figure out if I'll still be able to provide backups for these users. My servers run OSX with Retrospect 6.1.126 Server edition, and I provide backups of certain directories on these computers (basically the user directories and a few other directories located elsewhere on the computers).


It's my understanding that the OSX clients will have FileVault enabled, and this means that I can only provide backups of user directories when that user is actually logged into the computer. What about directories outside of the user's home directory? Will I be able to do file backups of those as well?


The Windows users are going to have a program called Pointsec installed on them to provide encryption. Anybody know anything about this, and what effect this will have on Retrospect? Pointsec's website doesn't give much information at all as to how their software works, so I have no idea what ability (if any) Retrospect will have to get at the necessary files.


Thanks for any info you can provide!

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